global projects

Traveling with a purpose….Led international project teams:

  • Chiron B4/ Novartis consultants between San Francisco, Mexico City, Toronto and China
  • ECP1 Singapore team in San Francisco, South Carolina, Singapore and Europe
  • Lucas Arts 4D communication with George Lucas while on film location in New Zealand
  • Roche Africa Strategy Team with vendors in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Global access program for Roche Cervical Cancer screening program in Kenya
  • Board of Directors for an HIV Orphanage and School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • CMContinuum to connect Genentech & Roche’s international manufacturing network
  • Global Regulatory Complexity Project for international dossier alignment at Roche
  • Set up of a CAPEX Bio PMO for BI Biberach, Vienna, Shanghai & Fremont, CA
  • ISPE International Board of Directors – meetings & conferences on 3 Continents
  • Building sand castles with Haitian boys

Published a book in 2010 called World Playground featuring children I met on my travels around the world. I lived with families from a remote island in Fiji to the last remaining headhunter tribe in Borneo. Wherever I travel, I try to engage with the locals, even on business. While living in Singapore, I cycled with the Australian-New Zealand team representing 25 different nationalities.